Every Reiki session with Archer will be a different experience; it will depend on what you’re looking to receive, what you’re looking to let go of, and how you are feeling. The intelligent and intuitive Reiki energy will provide exactly what you need in the moment. Archer will incorporate crystals, sound healing, and essential oils to provide a person with a whole body experience and allow a state of peace to wash over them as fears, worries, doubts, and pain melt away.


30 Minute Reiki Session - $59

An opportunity to relax the mind and body, realign the energy centers, and provide calming support to enter a meditative state. This is the perfect session for someone who is unfamiliar with Reiki and looking to try it out or someone who needs a quick realignment. It is also wonderful for someone in chronic pain that is looking for pain relief. In 30 minutes, you’ll feel renewed with a clear head and calm body.


60 Minute Reiki Session - $99

Dive deep into the subtle body and remove energetic blockages keeping you from your true self; alleviate emotional wounding patterns, heal scars from past traumas, and let go of stress held deep within the body. With a 60 minute session, the benefits of Reiki are persistent and the recipient is able to still the mind long enough to feel at peace within themselves once more.

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Long Distance Reiki Session - $77

All of creation is energy in motion, and Reiki is able to tap into a person’s energetic field from a distance by using a meditative awareness and a heartfelt connection. Archer will connect with you over the phone to guide you into stillness, focusing on breathe and intention, while he envelopes you in loving Reiki. This is a powerful session that can be held within the comfort of your own home.