About Archer


Archer is a Reiki Master and Teacher trained in the Usui Reiki Ryoho and Tibetan Reiki system. He has studied Reiki in New York, California, and Japan and over the years has overcome addiction through this practice. An intuitive healer, Archer started his healing journey by sensing dis-ease in others on public transportation and in a meditative state he would breathe with them. Unbeknownst to Archer at the time, he was practicing a shamanic extraction process by sucking out the person’s illness. This set him on a road to discover the healing power of touch through Reiki.

Today Archer’s focus is guiding others inward to unlock their own innate ability to heal. Through conscious breath work and clear intentions, he lovingly holds space for a person to relax into a meditative mind. With the gentle touch of Reiki, he is able to help bring balance to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. This allows the life force to surge within and illuminate the energetic field with more of the recipient’s own brilliant light.

Archer spent much of his time fostering his relationship with Reiki by balancing the intuitive with the rational mind. He began to blend the worlds of spirit and science by studying and integrating many different schools of thought. As his intellectual knowledge of the human body grew, his transcendental experiences allowed him to broaden his perspective on what was previously thought possible. The lines between what was real and what wasn’t started to blur and everything around him was put under the microscope.

Today Archer shares his experiences with others in hopes that in doing so it unlocks the desire to explore their own unique relationship with the universe around them. He shares his techniques to show what it means to be a healer and reorient life to support a healthy lifestyle. He believes the true power of an individual comes from gaining deeper insight into themselves and using that wisdom to be a force of unconditional love in this world. It is through self empowerment that our gifts begin to sharpen and bring the change we wish to see in our lives.