What is Reiki?


Reiki is a gentle hands on healing modality that resets the body’s central nervous system and allows the recipient to enter a state of deep relaxation. When an individual is in a relaxed state of being from receiving Reiki, the multitude of systems within the body start to work cohesively to heal and repair on a cellular level. From a biological standpoint, this stems from the function of the parasympathetic nervous system which is concerned with nourishing, healing, elimination, and regeneration of the body. Reiki can then be understood as a conscious action to invoke the innate healing abilities within the body.

Reiki Ryoho is a Japanese art form which translates to Soul Energy. Rei means something mysterious, miraculous, and sacred. Ki means the energy of the universe. It is the highly intelligent, inexhaustible, and unlimited Source of energy at the center of all life.

When the practitioner facilitates a Reiki session, the recipient is guided to either sit or lay in a comfortable position. The practitioner then either places or hovers their hands along the recipient’s body and guides the individual inward. It is through the simple act of touch that Reiki is activated and healing starts to occur on four different levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.


Modern science has shown that everything is in a constant state of vibration and we are a field of electromagnetic energy consisting of mostly empty space. The physical body, the vehicle and house of the Soul, is operating within the visible spectrum of light. It is within this tangible realm that the wear and tear of our bodies is shown to us. It is where dis-ease manifests itself on the physical plane but it is arguably not the only plane of existence it resides in. It is known that high levels of stress have adverse effects on the cardiovascular system due to elevated levels of stress hormones. In our high paced society, we are often surrounded by stress with little or no means to escape it. We are constantly in a fight or flight mode reacting to the world around us and without healthy means to release stress, the body will inevitably suffer.

It is often misunderstood that outside circumstances, like traffic, bills, and a bad work day, are the reasons for stress but in truth it is our reaction to the event that causes the stress. It is the anger, anxiousness, or similar emotional responses born from these types of experiences that cause the heart to start racing and the body to believe it’s under attack. These habitual patterns, flowing from the subconscious, give rise to the first waves of vibrations automating our initial reaction; it is a mixture of emotional response and learned behavior that, overtime, became our automated feedback to high levels of stress or uncomfortable situations. With a heightened sense of awareness and deeper understanding of Self, it is possible to reprogram the response system by learning to observe the behavior as it arises and discerning whether this reaction is beneficial to the overall well being of the individual. It is through the meditative mind that this becomes possible.

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The intelligent, intuitive Reiki energy will bring you into a meditative awareness creating the space necessary for stress to dissipate, for the organs to reset, and the physical body to completely relax. The mind becomes receptive to balance the left and right hemispheres and new neural pathways are formed. Through this formation, the emotional response system is reset and stagnant feelings begin to stir, causing the sediment of our every day patterns to shake up and allow the light to filter out that which causes uneasiness. Waves of peace pulse throughout the entire being and a state of harmony in universal oneness prevails.

Every experience with Reiki is different. No two sessions are alike and our perception of what is occurring will change over time. We can intellectually know what is happening on a biological level but experience is the ultimate teacher. For some it will be a moment to relax, to ease the worries of the day while others may go full tilt and use Reiki as a spiritual catalyst to jump start finding their life’s purpose. It can be an emotional support system and a breath of fresh air for chronic pain. The definition of Reiki is evolving as the science and spiritual communities come together in understanding the complexity of human nature and how it correlates with the interconnecting, subtle, unseen energies all around us. Truly though, it is up to the subjective experience of the individual to decide what Reiki means to them and how it will benefit their life.

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